Scaeva Technologies™

The warriors protecting artists' blood, sweat and tears ©

Protecting the art of music and cinema industry professionals

Scaeva Technologies protects digital music and film scores with innovative (and patented) content-aware™ encryption. We integrate with Pro Tools to seamlessly secure the digital content within our Scaeva SAFE™. Unlocking the content requires either a companion key for Pro Tools, our tamper-proof hardware decrypter chip, or our newly designed speaker and headphone licensed technology. All of Scaeva's solutions are designed to reproduce standard content as well as encrypted content with immersive, high definition sound quality.

We are an extraordinary team of artists, scientists and business people who have banded together to invent, patent, and develop the world's first technology which truly protects the interests of artists, content creators, and content distributers.

We are well on our way to eradicating piracy once and for all.

How are we different?

The Scaeva SAFE™ integrates with the DAW as the soundtrack or music is being created. Content is “locked up” with our patented content-aware encryption. If protected files are obtained without your key (or the Scaeva CHIP™), the music or soundtrack cannot be recreated. Decades of encryption and DRM technologies have failed - the Scaeva SAFE is the first military-grade technology designed and patented specifically for music and cinema content.