Mind-bending spatial audio.

“We realized early that the key has more to do with how we as humans perceive sound, vs. how sound was being reproduced.”

— Steve Curd, Co-founder & CEO

Our Technology

Our technology converts traditional stereo audio into sound built for your senses.

Spatially Related Audio

Spatially Relevant Audio is a massive leap forward in mobile audio immersion.


Unlike 360, 3D, or binaural audio, Spatially Relevant Audio (SR-Audio) enables sound field shaping in any direction, at any depth,  and doesn’t require specially recording tracks to experience mobile immersive audio.

SR-Audio enables audio with natural and vivid environmental simulations, giving listeners the experience of hearing tracks as artists intended.

Bottom line

SR-Audio enables us to experience sound that’s as vibrant and nuanced as a live performance.

With unparalleled clarity, you can transform your entire existing audio catalogue to hear what you’ve been missing.


Scaeva InSitu™ Sound

Complete your mental image.

Using deeply-rooted human psychoacoustic principles, Scaeva InSitu recreates your favorite listening environments while delivering a deeply immersive, vivid, and crystal clear audio experience.

How does it work?

Our ears are finely tuned to detect tiny changes in the sound around us, but that’s just the beginning of how we experience sound.  We don’t just hear sound, we perceive sound. By stitching together complex acoustic signals in our environment, we create a single mental image.

When we listen to stereo recordings through typical headphones we don’t get the full picture. In fact, we only hear a small  part of the artist’s original work.

Scaeva InSitu uses SR-Audio and high-precision acoustic capture techniques to fill in the gaps in our mental images. This results in the most powerful environmental emulation platform outside of a large scale studio.

Company Profile

We carefully craft revolutionary audio experiences.

Born in California, Scaeva sits at the nexus of technology and entertainment.
With a motley group of engineers, scientists, and artists, Scaeva develops powerful technologies at the core of professional audio tools.



Scaeva, The Origin Story

Hear from Steve Curd, CEO and Co-Founder explain in his own words the inspiration behind Scaeva Technologies.


Scaeva InSitu Sound



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