Introducing the revolutionary ScaevaPhones™. As an artist or engineer, you will love their pro-quality sound balance, lightweight all-day comfort, and a new metallic driver technology which reproduces sound in amazing fidelity.

ScaevaPhones represent the first true driver innovation since 1925. It’s time to say NO to old technology and intentional frequency curve distortion introduced by other major brands.

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    Audio Professionals and Artists


Key differentiators

revolutionary engineering
We were fed up with the lack of sound quality and durability of everyday studio headphones. By using drivers invented in 1925, we are essentially putting Model T’s on our heads, not to mention the intentional sound distortion introduced by some major brands.

Scaeva is changing all that! Brilliant, flat frequency response, lightweight, all-day comfort, and a new driver technology that is incredibly rugged.
game-changing driver unit
Our product is a miracle of modern materials technology. We adopted numerous innovations from the aerospace industry to deliver amazingly clean bass response and sweet midranges and highs.
ergonomic design
We made these headphones with our professional users in mind. Our product is incredibly light, incredibly comfortable and most importantly built around the mold of an ear for an ergonomic fit and continuous wear.
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