Mind-bending spatial audio.

“We realized early that the key has more to do with how we as humans perceive sound, vs. how sound was being reproduced.”

— Steve Curd, Co-founder & CEO

Company Profile

Transform your sound into incredible spatial audio experiences

We’re democratizing audio creation through our foundational spatial audio technology.

We make world-class tools for creators, spatial environments for streaming services and their listeners, and precise spatial acoustic reproductions of venues for virtual concerts, NFTs, video games, the metaverse, and more.

Our Technology

Your audio in --> spatial audio out.

LiveSpace™ technology - enhance any content

A massive leap forward in immersive audio

Unlike 360, 3D, or binaural audio, Scaeva’s audio technology enables sound field shaping in all directions and depths, and can spatialize ANY audio source — no remastering or special formats required.

Bottom line

Our technology unlocks sound that’s as vibrant and nuanced as a live performance. With unparalleled clarity, you can transform your entire existing audio catalogue to hear what you’ve been missing.

Scaeva InSitu Sound™ - create anywhere with virtual studios

Fully immersive experiences

Based on human psychoacoustic principles, InSitu Sound recreates the spatial context your audio is missing. We are able to recreate the feeling of hearing audio live and in-person, creating deeply immersive experience you’ll never forget.

How does it work?

By stitching together complex acoustic signals in our environment, we create a single mental “picture” of what something should sound like.

When we listen to stereo recordings through typical headphones our brains can’t determine where the sound is coming from. In fact, with even modern headphones most of us only hear a small part of an artist’s original work.

Scaeva InSitu uses patent-pending algorithms and high-precision acoustic models (LiveSpaces™ ) to create InSitu Sound™ – the most powerful spatial context platform outside of a large scale studio.

Introducing VSX

We teamed up with pro audio veteran Steven Slate to launch the Scaeva Powered, Slate Audio VSX headphone and modeling system. Our real-time Quadvolution technology and high precision hardware allows content creators to mix and master tracks on an array of virtual control room studio monitors. With just one more click, artists can test how tracks will sound inside of a car or through popular consumer headphones and more.

Scaeva also implemented a ground-breaking innovation in authentic sub-low frequencies reproduction in headphones.


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