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Steve Curd
Founder, President & CEO

“I founded Scaeva Technologies after spending my entire professional career protecting private information, and learning that the entertainment industry is hungry for effective, workflow-friendly solutions to piracy. My goal is to continually raise the security bar, in partnership with our valued customers.”

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Wendy Curd
Founder, VP of Administration

“For far too long, we have been watching music and entertainment professionals struggle to see economic value for their hard work due to piracy. It has become my personal mission to protect the valuable IP of artists and studios so that we can continue to enjoy their entertaining art.”

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Scott Lentz
Chief Operating Officer

“I believe that successful businesses focus on very large markets, and deliver high quality products to address priority unmet needs. I am proud to be part of an experienced team that shares this philosophy, and to contribute my disciplines of fiscal integrity, and delivering meaningful results.”

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Anahid Sargsyan
Product Manager, Lead Designer

“Design is at the core of everything we create at Scaeva. My sincere belief is that we can make a real impact on the music industry not only by creating cutting-edge products but by making them user-friendly and pouring a lot of love into it.”

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Candace Solesbee
Events Coordinator

“Music is medicine for the soul. It’s an artist’s dreams, thoughts and imagination graciously shared. Ending piracy as we know it may not have an overnight solution, however as Martin Luther King said: ‘You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.’ I believe Scaeva can become the whole staircase.

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Kaeleigh Hamel-Curd
Social Media

“As a professional musician, I realize that I must create compelling content, and be allowed to monetize it. I appreciate easy-to-use tools such as the ScaevaSAFE, which protects my work without getting in the way of my band’s creative process.”

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Bill Stephney

Managing Partner, Ovrdo Media
Founding President, Def Jam
President, Music in Cinema
Music supervisor of the decade
Collaborators: LA Reid, Babyface,
  Russell Simmons, Rick Rubin
Advisor to NPR, ESPN and
  NJ Performing Arts Center

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Daniel J. Levitin

Former Pres. 415 Records
Reknowned Neuroscientist
Best-selling author,
  “Your Brain on Music”
  and 3 other books
Academic Appointments:
  McGill University,
  Minerva Schools,
  UC Berkeley

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Andrew Bojanic

President, SuperPop Records
1/2 of the Production super-
  team, Wizardz of Oz
Has worked with: Avril Lavigne,
  Britney Spears, Liz Phair…
Founder, “All Good Things”
Work has been featured in
  hundreds of TV shows and films

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Krish Sharma

Founder/CEO BYGMusic
Multiplatinum Producer,
Multi-Grammy Engineer:
  The Rolling Stones,
  Ziggy Marley,
  Poison, Was/Not Was,

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Cameron Frankley

Multi-Emmy Sound Designer,
Warner Bros. Pictures
  Terminator Salvation,
  The Hangover,
  War Dogs,
  Live Free or Die Hard

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Stewart Copeland

Founder, The Police
Ranked as one of the top
  drummers in the world

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