Don't just hear it...


Introducing the revolutionary ScaevaPhone™ technology. As an artist or engineer, you will love their pro-quality sound balance, and a brand new beryllium driver technology which raises the fidelity bar.

  • year
  • status
    available Q1 2020
  • clients
    Recording Studios, Producers, Sound Engineers, Film Studios, and Artists


Key differentiators

we build the brains that make the headphone scream!
ScaevaPhones were designed from the ground-up to reproduce sound precisely the way it was created. Three patents filed, two years of Silicon Valley R&D.
space emulation
Produce music as if you are in a $3,000 per day studio, with $50,000 studio monitors on your head! Hear music exactly the way it would sound in your dream studio's control room.
100% pro quality
Everything we do is focused on raising the bar of music creation and enjoyment. Bullet-proof, predictable, and continuously validated quality.
our favorite feature
As pros, we are amazed at how much work we can do using nothing by our laptop and our ScaevaPhones. As fans, we are amazed at how ALL of our content sounds incredible -- as if we are sitting in the control room of an iconic recording studio.
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