At Scaeva Technologies, we have invented and patented a new way to protect music, TV, and film throughout the pre-release period. Our ScaevaSAFE™ works within your creative workflow to simplify the process of protecting your blood, sweat, and tears. Our goal is for you to receive more value for your hard work and investment of time and money. We are 100% committed to keeping things simple while you remain focused on creating incredible audio art. Let us worry about keeping the pirates at bay through our advanced encryption and key management.

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    available now
  • clients
    Recording Studios, Producers, Sound Engineers, Film Studios, and Artists


Key differentiators

proprietary protection
ScaevaSAFE offers industry standard and high-performance proprietary protection. Our differentiator is in the performance of our software. Our advanced security model and protection software ensures that we deliver the best protection available.
workflow focused
Right from the beginning, our product has a particular focus on fitting into the workflow of studios and creative professionals with distributed workforce and clients all over the world. Our philosophy is to seamlessly fit into any internal process. With regular check-ins and direct feedback incorporation, our product is continuously improved by users like you.
user-first approach
Our work environments are changing, and Scaeva is changing right along with it. User-first design strategy shifts the focus from devices and content directly to the user’s needs. We achieved this by validating our ideas with our users early and often by visiting studios and watching users interact with our product.
our favorite feature
The encryption of files is a stand-out feature developed for our ScaevaSAFE solution by the true collaboration between our team, advisors, and industry professionals.